Why I love reading.

I spent a while thinking about what I’d like to post first and then I saw something that literally gave me the answer, books! I thought about it long and hard and whether I should start with this because I didn’t want to be just another account that just talks about books because I still want to talk about many other things but I then thought, this is just one post and there are many others to come, well I hope there will. I shall start it before I start waffle as everyone tends to say about me.

So if you bothered to go check out anything about me you’ll find that I absolutely adore books. So in this post I will be explaining my love of reading because I think people have different reasons for their love of reading. I have many reasons to why I love to indulge myself in books and the list could be endless but I’m just going to say the ones that come to mind while I’m writing this.

“Reading books is the most glorious pastime that human kind has yet devised.”

– Wislawa Symborska

One of the reason I enjoy reading is because it gives me the freedom I long for. Coming from an Asian background my parents are fairly strict and I don’t always get the freedom I want but being at home constantly and with nothing to do it kicked off my love for reading, I would pick up a book and get trapped in a world where I can be who I want to be and can imagine what I want. When I say I forget the time when I read, I actually mean it, I get so caught up in reading that I forget every worry, every problem, every sadness and it’s so soothing because it’s an escape that I can afford.

Another reason I love reading is because I like seeing the happy endings or not so happy endings for the characters in the book even though it may end up with a character that we really loved dying. I just enjoy seeing the characters with such happiness in their lives and sometimes me may want to kill the author and curse them because they killed off a character or they did something unexpected but I think these are all joys of reading; the emotions we feel throughout the book, the pain we feel when something bad happens, the happiness when the characters finally end up together.

“Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book.” 

– Unknown

Honestly, I think not enough people read in the 21st Century, you get people who absolutely detest the thought of sitting down with a book on a Sunday afternoon and just let go. I know a few like that but I don’t blame them, sure I get a tiny bit irritated when they talk about how boring it is but clearly they’re the ones missing out on a whole other world that we who read have the privilege to experience it so it’s not something I get too worked up about. They’re depriving themselves on what really matters and something that will be of value throughout the whole of time.

I’m pretty sure I haven’t finished describing my love for reading but I think this should be appropriate for the time being.

– H.E


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