I bring good news,






After 12 exams I am officially finished. I cannot contain my excitement and the weight that has been taken off me

My exams overall have made me happy, although many people disagree but I think that the exams this year were decent and I’m happy how they went. Obviously, I’m nervous about results but I’m trying not to think about it and drown myself in other things.

On another note, I am getting my lisence soon, which is pretty laughable since I’m 4’11 (the average height of an 11 year old) and driving may be an issue for me. I will be taking my theory and driving test soon which I am so not prepared, after finishing my exams, I have to take another.

Also, I have a series of events lined up this summer from visiting universities to working in the library with children.

After all the chaos during exam season, I can relax and I cannot wait till summer.

~ H.E