Being attractive

I know I’m not ‘hot’, I’m definitely not a girl that you’d even class as pretty. I’m not a girl that someone will come up to and ask for her number because she’s a ‘looker’. I’m also not a girl a guy falls in love with because of my appearance. In reality, there are loads of girls like me, who think like me and girls who aren’t actually that pretty.

The reason I can say this comfortably is because I’m behind a screen, I’m not saying this in a way where I’m being a coward hiding behind the screen, I’m saying this becauseĀ if I was to sprout this nonsense in front of your face, or to my friends, you and they’d be obliged to tell meĀ ‘Aw, no you’re so pretty. You’re really pretty.’ Whereas, because you cannot see my face and there is no way you can tell me if I look pretty or not you are not obliged to telling me if I am pretty or not. It doesn’t make me better when you’re telling me I look pretty and I’m sure a lot of girls feel that way. I’m not fishing for any compliments (even if it seems like it), I just know what I look like and I don’t need anyone to justify it.

After saying all that, I don’t think I’m downright ugly because everyone has something about them which makes them pretty and it takes time for you to see it in yourself (I still haven’t found mine, so you’re not alone). However, I don’t think my or your appearance should get in the way of us doing anything we want: of liking the boy we like because he’s way out of our league, or being friends with people who look better. What I want to say is that even though I may not be the best looking person in the world, I’d never let it restrict me.

Letting your appearance restrict you is common, and I think a lot of us- female and male- do this unconsciously. It’s just something we do that we can’t help, constantly think that we’re not worthy enough for someone or something because of our outer appearance. We should never allow our outer appearance to affect what we want in life, so whatever you look like, don’t allow that to be an obstacle to whatever you want to achieve because why should that be a determining factor. I know that the minute it becomes a determining factor in my life is the minute it becomes my fault, sure there will be people who judge me upon my looks and sure we may have to work a little extra to get the approval but not everyone is like that. There are people in this world who will love you for who you are, even if you look like Hulk.

So, I’m not going to tell you’re ‘pretty because everyone is’ but I’m going to tell you, you have the ability to make yourself attractive by improving other parts of you because let me tell you intelligence is sexy, so is confidence. There are so many other things such as: being ambitious, being proud, being strong. These are all such attractive things that we forget because we’re warped into the idea that being pretty is everything. I’m still working on these but that’s part of life isn’t it?

Obviously, I do look at myself occasionally and wish I was pretty and ‘hot’. I do occasionally look at my friends and think, I wish I looked like her but that desire isn’t enough to make me change myself completely to become someone I’m not and to make it the centre of my world. It is enough to get me off my butt to do some work so I can achieve what a human being can achieve and it should be for you too.

– H.E

(P.S. I’m writing this whilst I’m procrastinating to revise for my exams, and also because I saw an article on how to become a hot girl which was probably a joke but I felt that many people would take it seriously)