The definition of a promise as said by my Oxford Dictionary is an assurance that you will do something or that something will happen. It seems like such an easy definition, but I guess to me that means a lot more.

To promise me something means a lot more than an assurance, its more like a declaration of trust and that I mean something to you. And when those are broken, I feel lost when I really did believe something more.

I’m talking about the general population here because I’m aware that I look like I’m talking about a male but I’m not, I’m angry. I’m angry that the word promise is something that is taken so lightly now. It’s a word which no longer has a meaning, just like love. It’s thrown around and has no importance to other people. I’m angry that people can’t keep promises and I’m also angry at myself. I’m angry because although I say the word promise holds a deeper significance to me, I’m a hypocrite. I’m angry that I cannot keep promises at all but I expect other people to in turn keep them.

But over these years, I’ve realised not to make a promise if I’m not using it seriously, because there may be people out there that take a promise lightly but there are also people like me who do care about the significance of it.

– H.E