You saw the word euphoria, and you didn’t know what it meant. I’ll tell you what it means, and I’ll also tell you something you didn’t know.

Euphoria means to be in a state of intense happiness. You put me in that state.

It’s always hard to convey my feelings, without the help of pen and paper or in this case, a keyboard, but what I’m trying to say is that you make me happy. You really do. I may seem unemotional, but I really do feel it all there, in my heart. Every smile, every touch, every moment with you makes my heart go wild. And the best thing? It’s only you. Only you make me feel that way.

I know you feel uneasy about me not telling you how I feel and what I’m thinking but most of the time I’m just thinking about how damn happy you make me feel.

You’ll probably never see this because I’ll never show you, but if you ever stumble upon this or I show you for some reason, I hope you read this over and over again to remind yourself how much you mean to me.

– H.E