Summer update (2nd August 2015)

For students in the United Kingdom (and probably America) it is currently the summer holiday, the six or seven week break from late July till early September. I am ‘relaxing’ during summer holidays (which means reading a lot) but I feel like this summer is intense since I am not going back home this year (which I am extremely upset about) I also have a list of things to complete.

Firstly, lets talk about my driving lessons. My driving lessons are downright stress, I can’t drive more than 30 miles per hour, I can’t even reach 30 miles per hour because I feel like it’s too fast even though I\m going granny speed. I can’t see over the steering wheel at times because I’m just so god damn short (4’11) and the fact that I keep stalling is frustrating especially when there is line of cars behind me. I always forget to step on the clutch before stepping on the brake and for the people who don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry it’s better if you don’t. I don’t hate driving but I feel so stressed about it since I have to get my licence before the end of the year and since I’ve failed my theory it’s not looking good and I still need to rebook it.

Secondly, I have volunteered at my local library to help out with their Summer Reading Challenge which is a program run by libraries to encourage children to read more often. Although I don’t hate it or even dislike it, it’s just that I sit there until a child comes up to me and then I file their name which is a pretty boring job as it’s not that busy. However, what cheers me up is that there are children who actually enjoy reading and their parents will spend time to ensure they read and there are around 400 children who have signed up for it. I genuinely think that children do not read much and that is very dissapointing to me since reading is such an amazing thing to do. I barely have any friends who even read which is disappointing but I do try to persuade them to read.

Although those things seem like pretty drab things to do during summer, my summer isn’t all too bad. My cousins have come over from Malaysia and one of them has the same passion for reading as I do and we’re also into the same books and for once in my life there is someone that I can discuss books with who doesn’t roll their eyes and tell me to ‘shut up’ but actually joins me in that excitement. Also them coming to England means that we visit more places since we take them out. We’ve visited Hampton Courts, Lavender fields and been out to London which we barely do if there is no one over. The pictures I’ve taken at Hampton Courts are beautiful and I absolutely love them.





Last but not least is READING. I’ve read so much and I cannot contain my excitement. I nearly read a book a day now and it is amazing. My favourite books so far are One Day by David Nicholls and the Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I will probably do a separate post and review them since I’m only on the 3rd book for the Lux Series so I’m going to do it after I’ve finished all five which is probably soon.

Anyways, aside from my unpredictable summer I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and enjoying their time off school unless you live in New Zealand which means you’ve started school and it is not summer.

– H.E



I bring good news,






After 12 exams I am officially finished. I cannot contain my excitement and the weight that has been taken off me

My exams overall have made me happy, although many people disagree but I think that the exams this year were decent and I’m happy how they went. Obviously, I’m nervous about results but I’m trying not to think about it and drown myself in other things.

On another note, I am getting my lisence soon, which is pretty laughable since I’m 4’11 (the average height of an 11 year old) and driving may be an issue for me. I will be taking my theory and driving test soon which I am so not prepared, after finishing my exams, I have to take another.

Also, I have a series of events lined up this summer from visiting universities to working in the library with children.

After all the chaos during exam season, I can relax and I cannot wait till summer.

~ H.E