Anthony Nolan | Saving the lives of people with blood cancer.

8,616 people were diagnosed with leukaemia in the UK in 2011.

Over 4,000 deaths caused by leukaemia in 2012.

Leukaemia is only one of the numerous type of blood cancer people can suffer from.

Today, this woman from Anthony Nolan came into my school to give us a talk and raise awareness of this foundation. She told us stories of people’s lives who drastically changed because of blood cancer and they could have possibly survived if there were more people who registered to be a bone marrow donor.


When you’re diagnosed with blood cancer, there’s one option to undergo chemotherapy but sometimes it’s not effective and the other option is to have a bone marrow transplant. What Anthony Nolan does is it matches up people who have registered to donating bone marrow to people who need it. This is a tricky process as you must find someone who has compatible bone marrow for your body and is usually scored out of 10. This can potentially save someones life. All my life I’ve always thought doctors were amazing they have the ability to save lives, but we can too. By being on the register you are putting yourself up to help save lives, the woman told us that to save a life was something to be proud of and it is! It honestly is to save a life is a genuine achievement and the feeling of knowing that you alone giving up a simple thing like your bone marrow could allow someone to live on and lead a happy life is the most amazing feeling you can get.


Imagine being told that you have 3 months left of living because there wasn’t enough people on the register to find a match for you. Imagine if with that bone marrow transplant you could extend your life to 2 years or maybe 3, maybe even a lifetime. “Sorry, you only have three-months left, unfortunately there aren’t enough people on the register to find a match for you.” How would you feel? I, personally, would be angry; angry as to why people wouldn’t put their names on the register to help save peoples lives, but just like most of you who read this may have hear of Anthony Nolan for the first time, like me. It’s not the fault of the public who aren’t registering, it’s that there isn’t any awareness of it, we don’t know of these foundations and we are not educated in these areas. So now that you’re aware of it put your name on the register, it’s pretty simple, if you get called up donate your bone marrow, if you don’t, at least you’re offering and it’s the best you can do and it’s something that will be appreciated.

I’m only basing this on what I’ve heard today and the 10-15 minute research I did but head onto┬áto find out more about it. It seems so little, but it could make a whole world of difference to another person literally.

– H.E